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KEETEC BLADE car alarm with connection to CAN BUS

Based on market requirements, we have upgraded the Keetec BLADE system with practical innovations for an advanced level of vehicle security.

 In the update marked REV02 you will find: 

The possibility of adding a Keetec RF SMART authorization module with an adjustable

  level of protection for blocking the engine or confirmation of system deactivation

• Use of the RF SMART module as an additional remote control, even with the possibility of

  controlling the central locking system

• The PASSIVE ARMING function added for automatic activation of the alarm 60 seconds

  after closing all doors

Download the latest version of the application

 The upgrade includes also the PC application update 
 for easier and quicker setup 

• Optimized design of the main screen for a clearer display of supported statuses

Addition of the menu for authorization settings and driver pairing

Added icon to display the RF SMART module connection

Settings for analog outputs of central locking

Activation and deactivation of the PASSIVE ARMING function

Added function to save / load settings from a file

Download the latest version of the application
Keetec BLADE